Welcome to North America!

North America is the third largest continent and is the only continent with every type of climate.  The highest waterfall in North America is Niagara Falls.


Like South America, North America was named after the Italian explorer Americo Vespucci. St Joseph's Orphanage is located in USA in North America.


Central America is part of the North American Continent. This region includes about 42 million people and is home to seven countries including Guatemala. 


Our featured Orphanage is located in Guatemala called Casa Guatemela. They house and provide education for about 250 children.


Over 500 million people live here including 'Clare the Bear'. Clare lives in Princeton, NJ a city in the United States. 


North America has over 20 countries including Canada, Mexico and the United States.
English, Spanish and French are the three most common language spoken here though many different dialects can be found through various regions.
Here are a few ways to say Hello!
Bonjour (French)

Hola (Spanish)

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