Q: Where is Toys 2 Share located?


A: Toys 2 Share is based in Princeton, NJ and is run on a volunteer basis by a small number of parents and children. Our current CEO is Alexander 'Lex' Ng. He is 5 years old.




Q: How do you differ from other charitable organizations? What are you hoping to achieve?


A: The primary purpose of Toys2Share is to raise awareness in younger children about the world around them as well as to bring the world a little bit closer. We are not asking for large donations of items rather we are hoping to provide the opportunity for young children to be able to actively participate and share something of theirs and a chance to learn about other cultures first hand. The idea for ClareBear was born from these ideals.


Q: I'd like to hear more about ClareBear. How do you envision this working?


A: ClareBear is planning to travel and visit each organization that is participating in Toys 2 Share. During this time the organizations will record information key highlights and events that happened which they would like to share. ClareBear plans to travel to a new location every month periodically returning to her home here in Princeton, NJ where we plan to publish her diary online so everyonecan share in her experiences. Additionally, each organization will hear about experiences from other organizations when ClareBear reaches them. We hope it will make the children at these sites feel a bit closer to the world around them through the stories they read in ClareBear's diary.


Q: How do you choose the organizations you work with?


A: A few of the organizations listed we have had personal experience with through word of mouth and family. If there are organizations you feel should be added, we would love to hear more. We ask that any organization who wishes to participate, agree to write in Clare the Bear's diary while she visits their site and to mail Clare the Bear to the next organization when her month's stay is complete. All travel costs for Clare will be paid for by Toys 2 Share.

Q: How is the organization funded? What are your salaries? What will you do with our funds? How much is allocated for advertising and marketing?

A: The organization is completely run as a volunteer basis, no salaries are given. Toys 2 Share is operated by a small group of parents and children. Truly the heart of the operation is YOU the caregiver.  You are the one who will be helping your child ship and package the items they would like to send.


If you did choose to donate money we would be very grateful as this would offset costs for shipping, supplies for events, obtaining a 501c3 designation and any ongoing website maintenance costs. We will publish all assets and expense information in full transparency.

Q: Are my donations tax-deductible?

A: We are appling for a 501c3 designation and are gathering necessary funds to submit the application. The application is $400 in fees. Until this designation is obtained, donations are not tax-deductible.


Q: How do I know that the item we have sent reached the organization?

A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the item will be received. There are at times mail trouble in various regions. Therefore, we ask that you ship items that are valued less than $50.



Q: If the item might not even get there, what is the purpose for participation?

A: Great Question! We created the organization in hopes of  provide the opportunity for young children to provide small acts of kindness to others, to learn more about the world around them and to hopefully forge friendships across the world. It is not the item that is given but the thought and actions behind it. 




Q: Are you planning on holding events in other areas outside Princeton, NJ?

A: We are in the initial stages of planning for an event in NYC. If you are interested in helping or learning more please contact us at info@toys2share.org. Thanks!




Q: This is a great organization and I'd love to get my community more involved. Can I form a Toys 2 Share Chapter in my area?


A: We would love to expand to other regions. If you have a core team of dedicated individuals in your area and are  interested in starting a Toys 2 Share chapter please reach out to us at info@toys2share.org