How to Help


We rely heavily on our communities to make Toys 2 Share a success.


You directly help Toys 2 Share each time you help your child navigate through the sites to learn more about each place and cultures as well as assisiting them to find a gently used item they would like to share and helping them package the item to send. 


Volunteering Opportunities


We are currently looking for volunteers who can help set up, distribute information for the Volunteering Event in June 2014 at Princeton, NJ and another in NYC, NY. If interested please contact us at


Monetary Donations


Your generous donations would go directly to costs for shipping items (e.g. Clare the Bear, toys and items gathered during events) , supplies for events, obtaining a 501c3 designation and any ongoing website maintenance costs. We will publish all assets and expense information on this site in full transparency.





Share Ideas and Experience


We need your help to grow Toys 2 Share! If you know of a great organization that we should partner with please do let us know by posting to the forum or contacting us at


We also need ideas for events we should hold throughout the year, improvements to our website, fundraising ideas, etc.


Start a Toys 2 Share Chapter


We would love to expand to other regions. If you have a core team of dedicated individuals in your area and are  interested in starting a Toys 2 Share chapter please reach out to us at





"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


Through your help, together we can inspire children to learn, share and help the world around them through acts of kindness. It is not in the item that they are giving but rather with the thoughts and action behind it.


We hope to instill in them a strong belief that they can make a difference and be the change they want to see in this world regardless of their age.